PostDoc – Animal-Based Research Into Gene Therapy For Blinding Eye Disease

Post Doctoral fellowships are available to work on animal-based research into gene therapy for blinding eye disease. We plan to use optical, molecular (including AAV manipulation of protein expression), and electrophysiological tools to understand the efficacy of therapeutic approaches to arrest and/or delay photoreceptor degeneration.

The McCall Laboratory is part of the University of Louisville Vision Science Center, which is a research group of 7 individuals who study visual function throughout the CNS. We are a multidisciplinary group whose research includes both basic and applied topics, involving visual processing in normal and diseased retina as well as other central visual targets. The VSC members have ongoing collaborations across labs.


One to two post docs are sought to join ongoing projects. Experience in electrophysiological techniques, full-field ERG is important and experience in other electrophysiological approaches is helpful. Experience in retinal neuroscience is NOT required. The opportunity to learn molecular biological, biochemical and imaging approaches is available.



  • PhDs with experience in electrophysiological and/or functional imaging.


Other important requirements:

  • Highly motivated, team players.
  • Experience with full field ERG recordings.
  • All levels of experience are welcome and salary is commensurate with experience (NIH postdoctoral salary scale).

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