Python Full Stack Engineer

Are you interested in helping people across the globe improve at aspects of their lives that mean the most to them? We are looking for Python developers to join the core platform team to do just that. You will be working alongside experienced Python developers as well as interfacing directly with our front-end, neuroscience, and data science teams. You’ll be part of a growing and fast moving team delivering new technologies to elite athletes and patient populations. With thousands of users interacting with our technology every day, we must organize, analyze, and securely store the generated data. In turn, this data drives how our platform adapts itself to each user to optimize that individual’s skill.



  • Computer Science degree or equivalent.
  • Fluency in Python.
  • Database/SQL programming (direct SQL, not through an ORM).
  • Experience writing automated tests in Python.
  • Experience with Linux (Debian/Ubuntu preferred but not required).
  • Experience with Git.

Nice to have familiarity with:

  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Numeric and data analysis python packages (numpy, pandas, scipy, statsmodels, sklearn)
  • Twisted/asyncio
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Docker
  • Ansible

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