Senior Project Engineer For Installations (EMEA Extended)

Senior Project Engineer is a person who gets into the project work already in the sales phase and helps the sales team by assuring the installation sites proposed by the customers meet the technical requirements specified for the MEG system.

When the system order is received, the Senior Project Engineer starts to manage the project through the steps of Installation process. Senior Project Engineer plans and executes the tasks of the installations and coordinates the work with the customers and other functions of the company.

Senior Project Engineer changes the responsibility of the customer to the regional support team after the system acceptance is received.

Senior Project Engineer duty has also the responsibility to develop the global installation project processes with the regional and CCT management to meet the requirements of the selected quality regulations.

The position requires traveling to customer sites at different countries (EMEA extended)


Key responsibilities

  • Site surveys and assisting sales team during the sales phase with the project
  • Management of Installation projects is Europe extended
  • Site planning and design
  • Planning, coordination, and follow-up of the project tasks with the customer and CCT, R&D, and Operations of the company
  • Systematically managing the documentation of the projects
  • Installation project performance metering and reviews
  • Developing the installation metering, processes, documentation, and practices for the installations globally together with the help of rest of the CCT team
  • Implementing above for the installation management in different regions so that those fulfill the requirements of key quality and regulatory requirements
  • Representing the company towards the customers
  • Ordering items and work needed from third parties for successfully completing projects in accordance to planned schedules
  • Planning and booking own business travels


Experience and skills

  • Project management, customer interaction and team working skills
  • Experience from designing equipment and laboratory layouts in 3D using a CAD software is an advantage
  • Experience from a highly regulated business and capital products is an advantage
  • Sc. or M.Sc. level degree in Engineering or equal skills via experience

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