Data Scientist (Brain-Computer Interface Team) – Brazil Or Australia (Remote)

About AE Studio

AE Studio is a mid-sized startup from California. We have a team of highly skilled developers, designers, and data scientists building products that increase human agency. We use the most recent technologies to develop solutions for startups as well as large companies like Samsung and Berkshire Hathaway. We have an awesome work environment and a highly productive process.

One of AE Studio’s core missions is to develop brain-computer interface technologies that increase human agency. We are looking for someone with experience in data engineering, strong problem-solving skills, self-management skills, and enthusiasm to learn more about the intersection of data science and neuroscience.



About the Role

  • You will work on building deep learning models for neural decoding (classification or regression models with neurodata input).
  • You will first learn the details of a variety of brain recording technologies (experience with multimodal brain recordings is a plus!), and help discover what type of model architectures work consistently across data types and decoding tasks (experience with transfer learning is a plus!).
  • You will collaborate with our international BCI team, in addition to outside academic and industry organizations, in a semi-autonomous research role as we work together to develop an operating system for BCI applications.

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